The Stuyvesants present: "Finally", an instrumental album.

RE: Jaden Smith — “The Coolest”

So before we discuss Jaden, we’ve been pretty quiet around here for a while adjusting to some recent changes but we are definitely still on it. Stay tuned for new music coming as soon as we can get it to you! 

On Monday afternoon, we got word via Twitter that Jaden Smith was using our music for Stoops, Park, & Rooftops in his new song/video debut called “The Coolest.” Although we were flattered, this news totally caught us off guard.

As you can probably imagine, since we put out mostly instrumental music, rappers, singers, etc. often record their own songs to it. We typically don’t mind when this happens, as long as the artists reach out to us and gives us some kind of credit or mention the source of the music. A simple “Beat by The Stuyvesants” is usually all we ask for (not to be confused with Produced by The Stuyvesants which is misleading). This way everyone wins — you get a nice track to rap/sing on and we get a little extra exposure. Easy.

With Jaden’s single none of that happened — they didn’t credit or mention us anywhere. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with Jaden’s production team and sort it all out thanks to @mashibeats & @fwmj! (223 for life!, lol). So we’ll officially be mentioned in the liner notes of Jaden’s record which drops on Monday via Be sure to check it out as he has another song featuring our music as well. Also, thanks to everyone who tweeted and left comments about the missing credits on our behalf. We definitely see it and appreciate it. Now that it appears to be going viral, please continue to leave comments and spread the word about our music on any posts or blogs where you see the video.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet:

Directed & Edited by Mike Vargas