The Stuyvesants present: "Finally", an instrumental album.

The Stuyvesants present: “Refined”

The Stuyvesants “Refined”

Download the Album

  1. Block Party Season
  2. Baby (La-Di-Da)
  3. The Dilemma
  4. Portlyn
  5. Always There (When I Need Her)
  6. Sunshine
  7. This Place (Brooklyn)
  8. Dapper
  9. Future Groove
  10. Refined
  11. Reign of The Fool (Rain)
  12. Mind Traveling
  13. She Still Got It
  14. The Stuy (Forever)
  15. Pleasure & Pain
  16. Velvet Room (Passion)
  17. Thunderbird
  18. En Las Rocas
  19. Marcy Projects Basement Jam
  20. Love Ain’t so Bad
  21. Mistakes
  22. Satin Vines
  23. Good Times
  24. Women of The Night
  25. Solid

RE: Jaden Smith — “The Coolest”

So before we discuss Jaden, we’ve been pretty quiet around here for a while adjusting to some recent changes but we are definitely still on it. Stay tuned for new music coming as soon as we can get it to you! 

On Monday afternoon, we got word via Twitter that Jaden Smith was using our music for Stoops, Park, & Rooftops in his new song/video debut called “The Coolest.” Although we were flattered, this news totally caught us off guard.

As you can probably imagine, since we put out mostly instrumental music, rappers, singers, etc. often record their own songs to it. We typically don’t mind when this happens, as long as the artists reach out to us and gives us some kind of credit or mention the source of the music. A simple “Beat by The Stuyvesants” is usually all we ask for (not to be confused with Produced by The Stuyvesants which is misleading). This way everyone wins — you get a nice track to rap/sing on and we get a little extra exposure. Easy.

With Jaden’s single none of that happened — they didn’t credit or mention us anywhere. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with Jaden’s production team and sort it all out thanks to @mashibeats & @fwmj! (223 for life!, lol). So we’ll officially be mentioned in the liner notes of Jaden’s record which drops on Monday via Be sure to check it out as he has another song featuring our music as well. Also, thanks to everyone who tweeted and left comments about the missing credits on our behalf. We definitely see it and appreciate it. Now that it appears to be going viral, please continue to leave comments and spread the word about our music on any posts or blogs where you see the video.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet:

Directed & Edited by Mike Vargas


Download The Stuyvesants Remixes



  1. Ante Up
  2. Steelo
  3. Luchini
  4. Rain
  5. 1nce Again
  6. Same Ol G
  7. One Thing
  8. Woo Hah
  9. Get Down
  10. Crazy Love

Album cover designed and illustrated by The Stuyvesants.
Photography by Kamilah Benjamin.

The Stuyvesants present: “The Finer Things”

After the unexpected success and positive feedback from our first release, “Brooklyn’s Finest” (released 6/1/10), we’re back with our sophomore effort, “THE FINER THINGS” (volumes 1 & 2). Sonically we’re taking you on a completely different journey, however, the distinctive vibe of The Stuyvesants is still very present in the music! We truly appreciate all of the support for our movement thus far, and hope that you will enjoy this soundscape. Download and/or listen to the two albums below.

The Stuyvesants – The Finer Things Volume 1

The Stuyvesants - The Finer Things Vol. 1


Download Volume 1

  1. I Care (More Than Words Can Say)
  2. Ready
  3. Girl, He Ain’t Me
  4. Strollin’
  5. Gut Check Soul
  6. Spank Love
  7. Good & Evil (Thoughts of the Mind)
  8. Sound of the Stuy
  9. Ewww (LaLaLa)
  10. Church Chants (Tabernacle)
  11. Interlude
  12. Sunny 78
  13. Down Halsey Street
  14. Tough Love (Because Love is Tough)
  15. Midnight Moves
  16. This Good
  17. Thinking Back (Those Days from the Past)
  18. Ragtop Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
  19. Victory
  20. Outro

The Stuyvesants – The Finer Things Volume 2

The Stuyvesants - The Finer Things Vol. 2


Download Volume 2

  1. Yearning (For Your Love)
  2. Stoops, Parks & Rooftops
  3. Uptown Bound
  4. Crown Royal (In a Purple Velvet Bag)
  5. Love, It’s Me
  6. Y.E.S.
  7. Interlude
  8. The Second Time Around
  9. Over (Now That She’s Leaving)
  10. More Horns
  11. High Stakes Hustle
  12. Thorough Thread Thoroughbreds
  13. Champagne (On Ice)
  14. Vibe in the Stuy
  15. Sounds of a Dream
  16. Talking Hearts
  17. Mama’s Spirit (Will Always Be With Us)
  18. Summer is Gone
  19. Walk it Off
  20. Outro

Both album covers were designed and illustrated by The Stuyvesants.


A good friend of ours, photographer Tia Warhall put together a short video of one of her models preparing for a photo shoot w/ her. This song parallels w/ the visual quite nicely. Just thought we’d share…

Thanks for thinking of us for the soundtrack to your vid Tia!

We Got the Jazz

This is video footage from our “We Got the Jazz” show on June 16th that we did in conjunction with Brooklyn Bodega and the Northside Festival. Enjoy…

Stoops Parks & Rooftops

Today is the first day of summer and to get things started off right (despite the clouds hanging over BK right now), we put together a Single that captures the feeling of summer in Brooklyn with some help from Naturel — the third member of The Stuyvesants. BK Summers are always incredible from the BBQs, the diverse and progressive individuals, & the fish fry’s to the rooftop parties & random beach excursions. So take a listen, vibe out, and enjoy the summer…

The Stuyvesants — “Stoops Parks & Rooftops


The Northside Festival

We’re VERY excited about headlining this Northside Festival event for Brooklyn Bodega in conjunction with L Magazine! Please come out and support us along with these other SUPER TALENTED artists/musicians on Thursday June 16th at EUROPA in Greenpoint Brooklyn. There will be an open bar from 9-10pm courtesy of Pool Vodka, as well as a Flud Watch giveaway. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!! We want this to be an amazing night for guests and all parties involved. Thanks for your time and support!!!

Get your tickets now!

Word BK

Big shout out to WORD BK, the man behind the photography for Brooklyn’s Finest, our debut soundscape. He recently shot a few photos of us that will be used for a special project that he’s working on and he was kind enough to send us a few snapshots for our press kit. Just thought we’d share…

One year later…

New Site

Welcome to the new site! We’ll be using this space to keep everyone up to date with the latest and greatest — Twitter wasn’t cutting it any more, LOL. So yeah, be sure to subscribe or register. We figured it would be appropriate to launch this site on the 1 year anniversary of the release of “Brooklyn’s Finest.” So much has happened for us in the last 365 days — almost too much to cover in one blog post — so instead, check out the posts below for some of what’s happened in the last year.

New Events

On June 16th we’ll be ‘performing’ at L Magazine & Brooklyn Bodega’s Northside Festival in Brooklyn with a few special guests (flyer coming soon). Kooley High is also on the bill along with a ton of other dope live bands and acts. It’ll definitely be a good show so make sure to come out! We’ll post here again once we have more details sorted out…

New Album!

It’s on the way. Here’s a rough snippet…

Stay tuned!

BK in The Blue

Merry Christmas from The Stuyvesants!!! “BK in the Blue” is yet another unreleased track from our Stuyvesants project. This is a bright, upbeat track…one that AL and myself liked a lot, a WHOOOOLE lot, but couldn’t find a spot for it on the album, so this is our gift to the listeners. Enjoy…

Bring the Strings (Unreleased)

“Bring the Strings” is an unreleased track from our Stuyvesants project (this track is the distant cousin to “Bring the Horns”, which was track 4 on the album). This is a heavy, dirty, string sample that made for a pretty dope instrumental, however, the sound didn’t quite fit the vibe of the other tracks on the album so we sat it on the bench. Enjoy…

The Stuyvesants / Bring the Strings

The Stuyvesants Card

Business Card

We’ve been meeting a lot of people lately interested in The Stuyvesants, and whenever we’re out we always have to write down our information to give to people…which over time becomes a bit much. Solution? Print up some business cards. Specifics? We letter pressed the logo and supporting type in black, on an egg shell textured double-thick bright white paper stock. Clean, simple, and VERY on purpose.

The Stuy

This is a recent video by Fresh Daily (a dope Brooklyn-bred emcee), that he was inspired to create over the “Stuyvesants Swing” track from our Brooklyn’s Finest record. It meant a lot to me and AL that people were influenced enough by the sound of the record to go out and create to it. From a visual standpoint, this is a well shot vid! To Fresh…much respect. Enjoy…

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