The Stuyvesants present: "Finally", an instrumental album.

Brooklyn’s Finest


  1. Brooklyn’s Finest
  2. The Stuyvesant Swing
  3. Keep Dreamin’
  4. Bring The Horns
  5. Roosevelt Projects Jam Session
  6. Nyeemah’s Pocket Groove
  7. There’s So Many
  8. Soul & Tell
  9. Do Anything
  10. W.O.M.A.N.
  11. Liquid Love
    (A Sophisticated Meeting Place)
  12. Panty Dropper
  13. Took Her Curls Out
  14. Seldom Seen
  15. Greene Ave. Anthem
  16. The Fire (Untrue)
  17. Oooh Baby
  18. Coming Around
  19. Hustlers
  20. Jefferson Ave. Theme
  21. After The Rain
  22. Softer Side
  23. Breakfast
  24. Sunrise In The Stuy
  25. Pookie’s Gone

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