The Stuyvesants present: "Finally", an instrumental album.

The Stuyvesants present: “Refined”

The Stuyvesants “Refined”

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  1. Block Party Season
  2. Baby (La-Di-Da)
  3. The Dilemma
  4. Portlyn
  5. Always There (When I Need Her)
  6. Sunshine
  7. This Place (Brooklyn)
  8. Dapper
  9. Future Groove
  10. Refined
  11. Reign of The Fool (Rain)
  12. Mind Traveling
  13. She Still Got It
  14. The Stuy (Forever)
  15. Pleasure & Pain
  16. Velvet Room (Passion)
  17. Thunderbird
  18. En Las Rocas
  19. Marcy Projects Basement Jam
  20. Love Ain’t so Bad
  21. Mistakes
  22. Satin Vines
  23. Good Times
  24. Women of The Night
  25. Solid


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  1. Ante Up
  2. Steelo
  3. Luchini
  4. Rain
  5. 1nce Again
  6. Same Ol G
  7. One Thing
  8. Woo Hah
  9. Get Down
  10. Crazy Love

Album cover designed and illustrated by The Stuyvesants.
Photography by Kamilah Benjamin.

The Stuyvesants present: “The Finer Things”

After the unexpected success and positive feedback from our first release, “Brooklyn’s Finest” (released 6/1/10), we’re back with our sophomore effort, “THE FINER THINGS” (volumes 1 & 2). Sonically we’re taking you on a completely different journey, however, the distinctive vibe of The Stuyvesants is still very present in the music! We truly appreciate all of the support for our movement thus far, and hope that you will enjoy this soundscape. Download and/or listen to the two albums below.

The Stuyvesants – The Finer Things Volume 1

The Stuyvesants - The Finer Things Vol. 1


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  1. I Care (More Than Words Can Say)
  2. Ready
  3. Girl, He Ain’t Me
  4. Strollin’
  5. Gut Check Soul
  6. Spank Love
  7. Good & Evil (Thoughts of the Mind)
  8. Sound of the Stuy
  9. Ewww (LaLaLa)
  10. Church Chants (Tabernacle)
  11. Interlude
  12. Sunny 78
  13. Down Halsey Street
  14. Tough Love (Because Love is Tough)
  15. Midnight Moves
  16. This Good
  17. Thinking Back (Those Days from the Past)
  18. Ragtop Cadillac Eldorado Brougham
  19. Victory
  20. Outro

The Stuyvesants – The Finer Things Volume 2

The Stuyvesants - The Finer Things Vol. 2


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  1. Yearning (For Your Love)
  2. Stoops, Parks & Rooftops
  3. Uptown Bound
  4. Crown Royal (In a Purple Velvet Bag)
  5. Love, It’s Me
  6. Y.E.S.
  7. Interlude
  8. The Second Time Around
  9. Over (Now That She’s Leaving)
  10. More Horns
  11. High Stakes Hustle
  12. Thorough Thread Thoroughbreds
  13. Champagne (On Ice)
  14. Vibe in the Stuy
  15. Sounds of a Dream
  16. Talking Hearts
  17. Mama’s Spirit (Will Always Be With Us)
  18. Summer is Gone
  19. Walk it Off
  20. Outro

Both album covers were designed and illustrated by The Stuyvesants.

The Stuyvesants — “Brooklyn’s Finest”

Download Brooklyn’s Finest

This album is my new release as 1/2 of the design and music collaboration team, The Stuyvesants! A project created, developed, and executed by myself, Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt), and Allan Cole (Algorythm). We brought our talents together to produce 25 instrumentals, t-shirts, logos and graphics which capture the sound and visuals of the 60’s and 70’s, an era that inspires so much of the music and design that we’ve grown to love. We’ve done this under the moniker “The Stuyvesants”, paying homage to our current place of residence, which is the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York.


Download the Album

  1. Brooklyn’s Finest
  2. The Stuyvesant Swing
  3. Keep Dreamin’
  4. Bring The Horns
  5. Roosevelt Projects Jam Session
  6. Nyeemah’s Pocket Groove
  7. There’s So Many
  8. Soul & Tell
  9. Do Anything
  10. W.O.M.A.N.
  11. Liquid Love
    (A Sophisticated Meeting Place)
  12. Panty Dropper
  13. Took Her Curls Out
  14. Seldom Seen
  15. Greene Ave. Anthem
  16. The Fire (Untrue)
  17. Oooh Baby
  18. Coming Around
  19. Hustlers
  20. Jefferson Ave. Theme
  21. After The Rain
  22. Softer Side
  23. Breakfast
  24. Sunrise In The Stuy
  25. Pookie’s Gone